Variety Description Rootstock
Arlingham Squash Very old (possibly 1662) and very rare (only 3 surviving mature trees of which 2 are in Arlingham) Pyrus Communis
Baron de Mello An old French variety, a reliable cropper producing richly flavoured, sweet pears with a russet-type skin.
Late October/November ripening.
Pyrus Communis
Beth Reliable, dessert pear Quince A,     Pyrus Communis
Butt Perry pear. There’s a saying ‘Gather yer Butts one year mill them the next and drink the year after’ Pyrus Communis
Concorde Large yellow fruit with a pale yellow flesh, that is sweet and juicy. Very heavy cropper and a compact grower, ideal for pollinating Doyenne du Comice. Self-fertile. Quince A,      Pyrus Communis
Conference Reliable cropper, excellent flavour, self-fertile, Hertfordshire 19th Century. Quince A
Doyenne du Comice Medium/large yellow fruit often with a red flush, rich juicy flavour, grow with Concorde for reliable pollination, 19th century. Quince A
Gorham Dessert pear Pyrus Communis
Gin Perry pear Pyrus Communis
Gummer Perry pear Pyrus Communis
Island Gennet Perry pear Pyrus Communis
Oldfield Perry pear Pyrus Communis
Poire de Champagne Pyrus Communis
Poire de Cloche Pyrus Communis
Williams Known world wide as “Bartlett” this variety provides regular crops of sweet and juicy fruit, Berkshire 18th Century. Quince A,       Pyrus Communis

Quince A = Semi Vigorous

Pyrus Communis = Very Vigorous


Halfstandard  on Quince A    = £28.00

Maidens on Pyrus Communis =  £20.00

Bush on Quince A = £26.00