Variety Description Rootstock
Barnet Perry pear Kirchensaller
Beth Beth pear was raised by Tydeman at East Malling Research Station, UK in 1938. Named in 1974. Small to medium conical shaped fruit. Smooth, pale yellow skin with almost no russetting. Creamy white, very juicy, melting flesh. Pleasant sweet flavour. Small compact tree. Reliable and heavy cropper which starts producing fruit at a young age. One of the earliest pears to ripen. An excellent garden variety. Quince A, Kirchensaller
Betty Prosser Perry pear Kirchensaller
Beurre Hardy Light green pear covered with bronze russet. Tender, juicy with a rose water flavour. Good reliable cropper. 1820. Quince A
Blakeney Red A triple purpose variety, It could be used for perry, stewing and pickling for which it was sold in the 1940’s and 50’s. In the 2nd World War it was made into jam and there were 2 factories in the Forest of Deam employed for this purpose. It was also used for dyeing khaki uniforms, leading a local forester to exclaim at the time of the First World War: ‘thic pear won that thur war – it gave Tommy good drink, good food and clothes for his back!’  Kirchensaller
Boy Pear Perry pear Kirchensaller
Butt Perry pear Kirchensaller
Cannock A general purpose pear, possibly first grown in the Forest of Dean Kirchensaller
Claret Perry pear Kirchensaller
Concorde Large yellow fruit with a pale yellow flesh, that is sweet and juicy. Very heavy cropper and a compact grower, ideal for pollinating Doyenne du Comice. Self-fertile. Quince A
Conference Reliable cropper, excellent flavour, self-fertile, Hertfordshire 19th Century. Quince A Kirchensaller
Doyenne du Comice Medium/large yellow fruit often with a red flush, rich juicy flavour, grow with Concorde for reliable pollination, 19th century. Quince A
Greggs Pit Perry pear Kirchensaller
Green Olive Perry pear Kirchensaller
Grey Cattern sold out
Hartpury Green Perry pear sold out
Hillend Green Perry pear Kirchensaller
Hellens Early Perry pear Kirchensaller
Honey Dew Perry pear Kirchensaller
Merrylegs Perry pear  sold out
Newbridge Perry pear Kirchensaller
Onward Onward was raised in 1947 at the National Fruit Trials Wisley, Surrey, UK from a cross between Laxton’s Superb and Doyenne du Comice. Medium sized, pyriform shaped fruit. Fairly smooth pale green skin ripening to yellow green. Pinkish red flush and patches of brown russet. Smooth, soft, juicy, creamy white flesh. Excellent sweet flavour with a little acidity. Moderately vigorous tree. Very reliable good cropper. Not a good pollination partner for Doyenne du Comice Kirchensaller
Red Cattern  sold out
Snake Pole Perry pear Kirchensaller
Stoneyway Perry pear Kirchensaller
Taynton Late Squash Perry pear Kirchensaller
Thurston’s Red Also known as ‘Dymock Red’ Perry pear Kirchensaller
Tumper Perry pear Kirchensaller
Williams Known world wide as “Bartlett” this variety provides regular crops of sweet and juicy fruit, Berkshire 18th Century. Quince A Kirchensaller


Quince A = Semi Vigorous

Pyrus Communis + Kirchensaller = Very Vigorous


Halfstandard  on Quince A    = £24.00

Maidens on Pyrus Communis and Kirchensaller, and Quince A =  £18.00

Straightlead  on Pyrus Communis and Kirchensaller = £24.00