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Variety Description Rootstock
Bergamy Kirchensaller
Betty Prosser Perry pear soldout
Beurre Hardy Light green pear covered with bronze russet. Tender, juicy with a rose water flavour. Good reliable cropper. 1820. sold out
Black Worcester A very old (16th century) cooking pear, that was probably used for perry too. It features on the Worcestershire coat of arms.  sold out
Brown Bess Perry pear
Buttersend Perry pear sold out
Cannock A general purpose pear, possibly first grown in the Forest of Dean sold out
Champagner Bratbirne Kirchensaller
Concorde Large yellow fruit with a pale yellow flesh, that is sweet and juicy. Very heavy cropper and a compact grower, ideal for pollinating Doyenne du Comice. Self-fertile. sold out
Conference Reliable cropper, excellent flavour, self-fertile, Hertfordshire 19th Century. sold out
Doyenne du Comice Medium/large yellow fruit often with a red flush, rich juicy flavour, grow with Concorde for reliable pollination, 19th century.  sold out
Greggs Pit Perry pear sold out
Green Chisel Kirchensaller
Grey Cattern Kirchensaller
Hartpury Green Perry pear Kirchensaller
Harvest Pear Kirchensaller
Josephine de Malines  Raised by Major Esperen in Malines, Belgium c 1830. Named after his wife Josephine. Small, short conical fruit. Pale green skin ripening to yellow. Variable amount of greenish russet particularly around the stalk. White, very smooth, melting flesh. Sweet with a fine aromatic flavour. Best grown in a warm location and picked as late as possible to allow the flavour to develop fully. Keeps well in storage.  sold out
 Painted Lady  Kirchensaller
Pyrus Pyraster Kirchensaller
Red Cattern Kirchensaller
Stoneyway Perry pear Kirchensaller
Teegar Kirchensaller
Thorn An old variety first recorded in 1811. One of the more common perry varieties, that produces a good quality perry. Can also be cooked and eaten fresh.  sold out
Wahlische Schnapsbirne Kirchensaller
Water Lugg Perry pear sold out
Whinnal’s Longdon This variety repeatedly won the Long Ashton perry competition. It was blended with Hendre Huffcap.  sold out
Williams Known world wide as “Bartlett” this variety provides regular crops of sweet and juicy fruit, Berkshire 18th Century. sold out
Zucker  sold out


Quince A = Semi Vigorous

Pyrus Communis + Kirchensaller = Very Vigorous


Halfstandard  on Quince A    = £20.00

Maidens on Pyrus Communis and Kirchensaller, and Quince A =  £15.00

Straightlead  on Pyrus Communis and Kirchensaller = £20.00