ALL SOLD OUT, but lots more growing for next season (Late November 2021)

Avalon First grown in Bristol, an excellent quality red dessert plum. Partially self-fertile. Ready mid August. SOLD OUT

Cambridge Gage – Reliable cropper, very similar to Old Green Gage (possibly a seedling) Yellow/green fruit, very sweet and juicy. Self-fertile. First grown 1927. SOLD OUT

Czar – A dark purple plum with a sweet yellow flesh. Good for cooking and fresh eating. Heavy cropper and always reliable. Self-fertile. Herts 19th C. SOLD OUT

Farleigh DamsonA small high quality damson that fruits regularly even in Northern districts. First grown in 1820’s. Ready mid September. SOLD OUT

Jubilee  – A modern plum variety similar to a Victoria but much larger fruit and slightly earlier season. Does not over-crop as Victoria often does. SOLD OUT

Marjorie’s SeedlingOne of the latest picking plums, producing large purple/black fruit, ready late September / October, often late enough to avoid the wasps, self-fertile. SOLD OUT

Merryweather  (Damson) – Large, plum sized purple/black fruit. Good for cooking or eating, ready late September, self-fertile. Nottingham, 1907. SOLD OUT

Mirabelle ‘Gypsy’ – SOLD OUT

Old English Greengage (Gage) – Medium sized yellow- green juicy fruits, with a fine rich sweet flavour, derived from the middle ages, ready mid August. SOLD OUT

Rivers Early Prolific – Ready late July. Good dessert plum when fully ripe, heavy cropper. First grown circa 1820. Self-fertile. SOLD OUT

Shropshire Prune (Damson) – Small traditional damson, reliable intense flavoured fruit. Shropshire 17th Century. Ready mid September. SOLD OUT

Victoria – Best known plum, heavy crops of pale red fruit, ready late August, self-fertile,19th Century. SOLD OUT



Bare Root Maidens (1 year)        £18.00

Bare Root  Bush/Half Standards (2 year)      £24.00