Avalon First grown in Bristol, an excellent quality red dessert plum. Partially self-fertile. Ready mid August.

Blaisdon Red – The most well known Gloucestershire plum good for fresh eating and excellent for jam. Ready mid August.

Burbank (Giant Prune) Raised by Luther Burbank, Santa Rosa, California, USA from a cross between d’Agen and Ponds Seedling and introduced in 1893. Was at one time grown commercially in the UK. Large, long oval fruit with a distinct neck. Bright red skin with a fine purple bloom and numerous russet dots. Firm, yellow flesh.

Cambridge Gage A yellow/green gage with excellent flavour, prefers a warm sheltered spot. Ready late August.

Coes Golden Drop – Large, oval shaped yellow gage. Good quality for fresh eating and preserving, ready late September. First grown in the 18th century.

Early Transparent GageCropping is heavy by gage standards (although still light compared with many plums) and it is reasonably reliable.  It has the rich sweet gage-like flavour and aroma of a genuine gage, but it is also an excellent culinary variety producing a well-flavoured straw-coloured jam. Ready early August.

Farleigh DamsonA small high quality damson that fruits regularly even in Northern districts. First grown in 1820’s. Ready mis September.

HermanA very early (mid July) self-fertile eating plum. Medium blue/black fruit with golden flesh.

Kirke’s Blue A large purple plum with a fantastic rich sweet flavour, prefers a sheltered spot. An old favourite from the 19th century. Ready early September.

Marjorie’s SeedlingOne of the latest picking plums, producing large purple/black fruit, ready late September / October, often late enough to avoid the wasps, self-fertile.

Merryweather  (Damson) – Large, plum sized purple/black fruit. Good for cooking or eating, ready late September, self-fertile. Nottingham, 1907.

Mirabelle ‘Gypsy’Large bright red fruit with rich sweet orange flesh. Ready late August.

Old English Greengage (Gage) – Medium sized yellow- green juicy fruits, with a fine rich sweet flavour, derived from the middle ages, ready mid August.

Rivers Early Prolific – Ready late July. Good dessert plum when fully ripe, heavy cropper. First grown circa 1820. Self-fertile.

Shropshire Prune (Damson) – Small traditional damson, reliable intense flavoured fruit. Shropshire 17th Century. Ready mid September.

Victoria – Best known plum, heavy crops of pale red fruit, ready late August, self-fertile,19th Century.



Bare Root Maidens (1 year)        £15.00

Bare Root Bush and a few Half Standards(2 year)       £18.00