Soft Fruit

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“GOOSEBERRIES”   Bushes £4.00 each

Invicta – Very popular variety, vigorous and heavy cropping – producing almost double the yield than that of other varieties.  Large pale green berries, smooth skinned with an extremely sweet flavour.  Essentially a culinary variety but can also be eaten fresh.  The fruit is superb for cooking with as its stays firm, it also freezes well, maintaining shape and colour.  Invicta is resistant to mildew and leaf spot. Cropping season: late July/August. Self fertile.

Hinnonmaki Green – An excellent very hardy and vigorous mid-season variety.  Specifically bred in Finland for hardiness and disease resistance, Hinnonmaki Green is a consistently prolific cropper of very large, well flavoured fruit.  The fruit is olive green in colour and has an excellent sweet, aromatic taste – ideal for eating fresh off the bush when fully ripe.  Particularly resistant to powdery mildew.  Eventual height and spread: 1m (3ft).  Cropping season: mid July.  Self fertile.

Hinnonmaki Red – A superb variety – very hardy and vigorous mid-season red gooseberry.  Hinnonmaki Red reliably produces heavy crops of large, sweet, red berries of excellent quality.  It was specifically bred in Finland for hardiness and disease resistance and is particularly  resistant to mildew making it ideal for organic growing.  It is also a strong but slow growing variety so is ideal for small gardens.  An excellent variety for dessert or culinary purposes. Cropping season: mid July.  Self fertile.

“CURRANTS”   Bushes £4.00 each

Ben Connan – Early black currant, large fruit, with some resistance to mildew.

Ben Lomond – Late flowering so misses frosts, large, good flavour.

Ben Sarek –    Mid season black currant, compact bushes but highly productive with some mildew resistance.

“RHUBARB”   Crowns £3.00 each

Timperley Early – Good early variety, for out doors or for forcing.