Tree Forms


MAIDENS” are also known as ‘One Year’ trees,  most are single stem, some varieties are feathered.

BUSH TREES” are generally 2 or 3 year old trees, they have a 2’6” clear stem and trained head.

STRAIGHT LEAD” a ‘Two Year’ tree grown on a vigorous rootstock, ideal for growing on into a ‘Standard’

HALF STANDARDS” are similar to bush trees, except they have a longer stem, normally about 4 feet, and a trained head.

STANDARDS”  For centuries orchard fruit has been grown on large standard trees. These were typically planted at least 30 feet apart, in orchards all over the South West. In recent years dwarfing rootstocks have enabled commercial fruit growers to maximize the amount of fruit produced per acre by growing a greater number of smaller trees in a given area. Although these orchards still look attractive, there is concern that the old style standard orchard has been disappearing rapidly in recent decades. As a result our rural landscape has lost some of its traditional charm and heritage. The best way to grow a standard tree is to plant a young tree, it will root and grow much more successfully than trying to transplant a larger, older tree.

All trees are field grown, and therefore are lifted from the ground prior to collection. Almost all trees that I supply are sold bare rooted, and therefore should be planted within a couple of days.