We are a small nursery growing and selling traditional and rare varieties of fruit trees. We have been working closely with the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust and are currently propagating old rare apple, pear and plum varieties originating from the Gloucestershire area, some of which have never been commercially available before.  We are excited about this and are looking forward to seeing these old varieties back in orchards and gardens across the county and beyond, in the coming years. All trees that we grow are field grown and so are sold bare rooted, the bare root season runs from late November to the end of March. Therefore we are closed at the moment, busy growing more lovely trees for next winter.

Please feel free to phone or email anytime during the year as early ordering is advisable. We regret we cannot offer a delivery service so all trees need to be collected from the nursery. Trees ordered pre-season must be collected by the end of January, all other orders should be collected within one month. Collection by appointment only.

You can find us here. Just South/West of the cross roads in Rockhampton.

Regards Rob Watkins.                                           Last Updated April 2021

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